The old town Ciqikou and Shapingba district

October 2011
Ciqikou (磁器口 - Cíqìkǒu) – this is, by and large, half a kilometer tourist street, which is not much different from any other similar streets in China, crammed full with shops with similar trinkets merchandise. A sort of Chongqing Fair in Izmailovo.

Exceptions to the universal similarity still exist. This, for example, is a shop-studio of artist Yao Xuzhang (姚叙章 - Yáo Xùzhāng), where you can buy both the reproductions of his work pleasant to the eye within 10 yuans (50 roub/$1.5) and originals – large wall paintings, scrolls of 6,000 yuans (30000 roub/$945). Or the neighboring shop with the original ceramics, which by its grace immediately stands out of the dull colored junk.

Soon metro will come to Ciqikou. The concrete flyover is ready, the station is halfway built, the work is in full swing. While the construction is in progress, Ciqikou can be reached by a taxi and by numerous buses from the terminal subway station Shapingba (沙坪坝 - Shāpíngbà) of the first line and, incidentally, not only from there. I've seen the buses bound to Ciqikou in remote parts of the city. If you are pretty good at the new location or have a navigator, you can also take a walk, though it is not close, about 3 km.

"The Chinese Ekeko" is always surrounded by tourists. One has to wait long to catch him without his retinue.
This photo is the best to convey what Ciqikou is.
In the foreground is a Ciqikou bridge, a little further among houses the pedestrian street is hidden.
In the background on the mountain is the temple Baolunsi (宝轮寺 - Bǎolúnsì).
Another sad cat on a leash.
Everyone wants to be photographed against the background of the arch, installed at the entrance to the pedestrian street Ciqikou.
Shashliks of a variety of the slaughtered living creatures are everywhere for sale in this part of China. They are very popular.
Part of the process for making a rice cake ciba (糍粑 - cíbā), perhaps with nuts.
The former port now is more focused on food service.
At the entrance to Ciqikou the car owners are welcomed by a separate arch. Although it is larger and has a more solid look, but no one takes pictures at its background.
To make the area "old", the ordinary buildings of large scale construction, especially the balconies are decorated with wooden elements. On the photo is the Citong street (磁童路 - Cí tóng lù).
On the Citong street there are many restaurants that at 11:30 are still quite empty, but closer to 12:30 there is barely room to move.
In China, the metro is quickly and efficiently built. Soon, a trip to Ciqikou will become even more easy and enjoyable.
This is Shapingba district. At least four universities are next to it. Therefore, in this area is always full of young people, especially by the metro and shopping centers.
The monument to the Chinese haulers that pulled barges along the Yangtze.
Not far from Ciqikou there was a very fragrant truck full of pigs. Keeping in mind the number of ever-munching tourists in Ciqikou, it's probably the fresh meat that was brought.

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