Chongqing, Yuzhong District (渝中区 - Yúzhōng Qū )

October 2011
Yuzhong District is located on the spit between the rivers Yangtze and Jialing. The name of the district is translated as the center of Chongqing. The city began to grow from here, this part of town was once surrounded by city walls.

In the heart of the city there is a large 6-storey bookstore Xinhua (新华书店 - Xīnhuá shūdiàn).
The second floor, however, is entirely devoted to the electronics. I found a guide to Russia in this shop. At the very beginning of this book there is a photograph of policemen checking documents: Russia is not the most hospitable country for tourists. In the store there are a lot of people, who are sitting in the aisles and standing, leaning against the shelves, reading books, and obviously not going to buy them.
This clock tower is a monument of Liberation, reminiscent of Japan's surrender.
The main problem of the monument is a Rolex inscription above the hands.
I immediately imagined the Eternal Flame with an inscription Gazprom or Zippo.
I took this picture in the morning, so people in the photo are doing morning exercises.
Above and underneath are the views (you can click on them) from the Chaotianmen (朝天门 - Cháotiānmén) square to the Yangtze and Jialing. Cruise voyages along the river begin (or end) at this place.
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Any movie about Chongqing will surely have a ladder to Chaotianmen.
Not very long pedestrian street.
Caiyuan Street runs parallel to the railway from the central station of Chongqing.
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Houses on the quay Changjiangbinjiang. More photos from there can be seen in a separate section.
Five blocks away from the Liberation Monument in the direction of the pier Chaotianmen.
And this is a little bit to the north.
If you go down a long way, then you come to the Yangtze.
Chinese developers easily squeeze new houses into the already dense development.
View of the Yuzhong district from north, over the Jialing River.
Panoramic view of the Yuzhong district from north to south across the Jialing River. You can click on the photo.
In the center, a little to the right, the photo shows the construction of a new bridge over the Jialing River.
At the extreme right is the 4-storey building of the first cable car across the River Jialing.
Hopefully, the building and the cable car will be preserved.
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