Various photos of Chongqing

October 2011
In the dark all cats are gray, and all taxis in Chongqing are the yellow Suzuki SX4 and run on gas.

Bangbangjun porters or simply fruit traders (棒棒军 - Bàngbàngjūn).
Cute police stations, surrounded by plants look very fashionable.
Sometimes it seemed to me that I cannot walk any longer without the basket behind my back.
This cat lives in a fruit shop in the semi-underground walkway near the entrance to the underground station Lianglukou (两路口 - Liǎnglùkǒu). I noticed it by chance when buying bananas.
Herbalife company is flourishing.
It is not in Chongqing, it is in Dazu, but similar children sleeping on the bike, sometimes two, are not uncommon in these parts.
In all the stops such routes of buses are very convenient, especially for newcomers.
I want the same in Russia (in Russian!)
200 grams of tea for 2280 yuans (11400 roub/ $360).
Daping District (大坪 - Dàpíng). 2 photos below are from there too.
Park named Yandengshan (烟灯山公园 - Yāndēngshān gōngyuán). I got here by mistake.
China is building and is being rebuilt.

Continuation :
Yudu Hotel

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