Homytel Hotel

October 2011
It is not always easy to choose a hotel to stay, and the result is not often up to expectations. Fortunately, the hotel Homytel on all my route, all pros and cons considered, was the best.

Positive pros, I think, include its location in the city, the cost of 206 yuan (1030 roub / $ 33) for the Business King Room, cleanliness and lack of dirt, views from the window, breakfast (although samely), attitude of the staff, including a buffet staff, low cost of laundry services.

Contra is a bathroom-toilet behind the glass. I got used to such structures in China, but there was not even a door there!

Near the hotel, on the both sides of the road, there is a double-decker bus stop with the numbers 1 and 2, about which I wrote in a section of the railway station.

The name Homytel should not confuse. Before booking the room, I figured out why it is like this. Homytel derives from the Chinese name of the hotel 好美特 (酒店) HǎoMěiTè (Jiǔdiàn), i.e. good, beautiful, very special hotel.

The view from my room on the 16th floor, which is actually the 14th. Why, read below.
This is that same elevator with no buttons 4 and 14, because the floors in a building with such numbers do not exist either.
If in Russian or in your native language, the number 4 sounded like the word death, then the dialogue could be like this:
- Which floor you go?
- I go to the death floor.
- Well, I go to 10 deaths floor.

So I can understand why there are no such floors and buttons.
The Chinese menu – is a real problem for a tourist.
Just north of the hotel, in about a 7-minutes walk, on the opposite side of the street there is a point that sells train tickets.
Next to it is a bakery, but I did not like the bread products in this region of China.

Continuation :
Train Guiyang-Kaili

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