Chongqing railway stations

October 2011
In Chongqing there are two main railway stations, simply, "the Chongqing Railway Station" and "Chongqing North Station". I went out of town from the first one and returned to the second. Buying a ticket, pay attention from what station the train leaves. For example, the express trains to Chengdu leave from the North one.

I have only this one photograph of the North Station, taken soon after arrival.

All other photos feature Chongqing Railway Station in the city center, in the Yuzhong district.
Near the station there is such a long staircase to the street, which is located at a higher level. Once I walked up to its top. Later I learned that there is a paid escalator, which for 2 yuans will deliver you from the torment. The photo of the entrance to the escalator and the escalator itself are in the picture below.

Continuation :
People's Square

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