Yangliu jie street (杨柳街 - Yángliǔ jiē)

October 2011
If you think that this page will contain photos of a beautiful street with weeping willows, then you are mistaken. On the Yangliu jie street (杨柳街 - Yángliǔ jiē), translated as Willow Street, there is a part of the historically important buildings of Zunyi of the Long March times.

I was not in the museum, where in 1935 a meeting of the leaders of the CPC was held, but I went to several other houses nearby: a former Soviet-Chinese Bank, and the house, where other well-known members of the Long March used to stay.

The most interesting thing on this entire street is a picture in one of the houses, with a young, very self-confident Mao (see photo below), and samples of money of that time (also see photo below).

Shopping street "Red Army".

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Mount Fenghuangshan

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