Zhenyuan (镇远 - Zhènyuǎn), Guizhou Province

Rem Sapozhnikov / October 2011
I arrived in Zhenyuan only for half a day on the commuter train from Kaili. Originally, I planned to spend there 2 nights, but when I started to book a hotel 3 days in advance, it turned out that there were no vacant rooms that could fit into my budget.

What strikes the eye is that women in the construction sites carry yokes laden with hefty stones.

As a rule crowds of tourists come here on weekends in bus loads. Tough Chinese bosses haughtily roll into the town in caravans of costly black cars with emergency lights on. Pedestrians, like in Kaili, are not very respected.

Fastfood Pala (派乐 - Pài lè) is located next to the first bridge on the way from the train station to the tourist part of the town.

派乐汉堡-西式快餐 镇远贵州


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Walking in Zhenyuan

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