Guiyang (贵阳 - Guìyáng), the capital of Guizhou Province

Rem Sapozhnikov / October 2011
The city of Guiyang turned out to be fairly big and friendly and left in my memory only positive memories. Although they say that the sun is a rarity in Guiyang, but in spite of October, the temperature reached + 28°C, and I did thing but hide from this “rarity”. I have a theory that a “precious sun” it is the translated name of the city, really meant “a burning sun”.

The huge in size the People's Square of Guiyang was fenced by an infinitely long fence due to reconstruction (real, but not like on the Triumph square in Moscow), and because of this I have not visited it. What is strange but under the main square of Guiyang, in the same way as in Chongqing, there is an American Wal-Mart, whose work on the overhead reconstruction is not interfered.

You may think that it is a monument to Russian actor Yevgeny Leonov.
Downtown is beautifully illuminated at night, to walk there is a sheer pleasure.

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Jiaxiu Tower

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