From the window of the train Guiyang-Kaili

October 2011
In fact, the next city on the list, about which is the story, is Anshun. But I went there in a sitting car with a seat at the aisle, and back at night, so there are no photos from the train window.

I took the K540 train from Guiyang to Hangzhou to Kaili. From Guiyang to Kaili, the distance is 188 km, the train passes them in 2.5 hours. Again I'm traveling in the compartment car to have the possibility take pictures peacefully. I was lucky, no fellow travelers.

By 2014, in this part of Guizhou there will also be a new high-speed railway that will link the cities Changsha and Kunming, capitals of neighboring provinces, Hunan and Yunnan.

While the train slowly rolled over the suburbs of Guiyang, a Chinese man of about 45 years old with a cell phone cautiously looked into the door of my compartment, and as soon as I turned to see who it was, he took a picture of me without asking, and instantly disappeared. This is not surprising. For the first 10 days of the journey, being in constant motion, I almost did not see foreign tourists.


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