Dragon Palace (龙宫 - Lónggōng), Guizhou Province. Part 3.

October 2011
I had to wait for the boats for 20 minutes. They were called on the phone by the man who was fishing near the pier. During this time, a group of Chinese tourists approached, they were led by that annoying female guide.

The caves are jointly called the Dragon Palace, and are composed of two parts, and numbered as Palace 1 and Palace 2. On the river between the Palaces there is a waterfall, so part of the route should be passed along the shore and pontoon walkways.

Many brows in the caves were named. The guide points to these brows with a laser pointer, and tourists sigh of admiration. Some passages in the caves are clearly man-made.

After the Dragon Palace we landed on the lake shore near another waterfall.
Along the stairs down there was a long descent to the foot of the waterfall.
Here, as well as in Huangguoshu, there is a paid lift.
On this our trip has ended. The boys, students from Zunyi, helped me find a minibus to Anshun.
I had to sit, however, with 4 people in a row.

Continuation :
Railway station

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