Bridges of Chongqing

October 2011
While in Russia, year in year out, they’ve been sawing and keep on sawing, in the Celestial Empire they are building a new World Superpower, which is impossible without modern roads and bridges.

Caiyuanba Bridge (菜园坝长江大桥 - Càiyuánbà chángjiāng dàqiáo)

Caiyuanba Bridge across the Yangtze River. Dates of construction are 2003-2007. The maximum span length is 420 m.
Special level for the metro.
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The Chaotianmen Bridge (朝天门长江大桥 - Cháotiānmén chángjiāng dàqiáo)

This bridge across the Yangtze has the longest arch span in the world – 552 m.
The total length of the bridge is 1.7 km. Dates of construction are 2004-2009.
This is one of the three bridges, which I crossed on foot in Chongqing from one bank to another.

The bridge passed at level of the 7th floor of the house on the slope of the Yangtze. So as not to demolish a house, some portion of the walkway had to be narrowed down.

The Shibanpo Bridge (石板坡长江大桥 - Shíbǎnpō chángjiāng dàqiáo)

Bridge Shibanpo over the Yangtze was built from 1977 to 1980. From 2003 to 2006 the throughput capacity of the bridge was doubled, having attached to it one more part of the same width.

Some other bridges of Chongqing

Huanghuayuan Bridge (黄花园大桥 - Huánghuāyuán dàqiáo) over Jialing River.
The length of the main part of the bridge 1208 m. Dates of construction are 1996-1999.
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Jialingjiang Bridge (嘉陵江大桥 - Jiālíngjiāng dàqiáo). Built in 1966.
Yuao Bridge (渝澳大桥 - Yúàodàqiáo), what means Macau, across the River Jialing.
The bridge is so named in honor of the return of Macau to China on December 16, 1999.
Egongyan Bridge (鹅公岩长江大桥 - Égōngyán chángjiāng dàqiáo) over Yangtze River.
Dates of construction are 1997-2000. The maximum span length is 600 meters.

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