Chongqing Jiangbei Airport (江北 - Jiāngběi)

October 2011
The Jiangbei airport is located 20 km Northeast of downtown. Next to the terminal building the extension of the third subway line is nearing completion. I think that during the 2012 October holidays the station will be opened. Now, apart from taxis the city can be reached by bus for 15 yuans (75 roub/$ 2.5). The stop is directly outside the airport, and it cannot be overlooked. Over there, at the exits inside the terminal building, there are ATM machines, one of which refused to give the money from the card of Alfa-Bank. There were no problems with the second ATM, moreover, among the interface languages, there was Russian, but there were restrictions on the one-time withdrawal of not more than 2,000 yuans (10000 roub/$ 315). Later I have met ATMs with the limit of 2500 yuans. Fee for each withdrawal from the card of Alfa Bank was 119 roub. I did not see any currency exchange office at the airport, but I flew in and flew out from the terminal for domestic flights. On the stairs leading to the rotating baggage claim belts, they hand out free, average for details, maps of Chongqing. That map came in useful to me.

Returning to the story about the bus, on the way to your destination the street Shangqingsi (上清寺 - Shàngqīngsì) in the center of Chongqing, it makes two stops in the city, one of which is at a bus station in the street Hongjindadao (红锦大道 - Hóngjǐndàdào). At the terminal Shangqingsi, incidentally, there is also a bus station.

Upon arrival, some of my bus fellow travelers dispersed up and down the street, while others piled into taxis and left. The remaining taxi drivers were slightly slow and did not show any interest to me. The nearest of them, looking at the address of the hotel, instead of taking me there, began to show the direction and tell me something.

Luckily I had a map, and without it, I knew that there is a subway nearby. So, I walked there.

The choice was of two stations: Niujiatou (牛家头 - Niújiātóu) and Lianglukou (两路口 - Liǎnglùkǒu). The first station was only 250 meters away across two underground walkways (50 m down the street, right to the nearest underground walkway, to the left from it and then straight along the street turning right up the second underground walkway, a huge station can be seen there and it is clear where to go). The second station was 700 m away up the street to the right and then straight all the time.

Entrance to the terminal, in the section for local flights.
Inside the airport Chongqing.
The schedule of buses from Shangqingsi street to Jiangbei Airport.

Continuation :
Chongqing Metro

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