Chongqing Grand Theatre and Jiangbei District

October 2011
The Grand Theatre (重庆大剧院 - Chóngqìng dà jùyuàn) is another bright new symbol of Chongqing. It was built in 2009. To some it looks like sailing a ship, someone think it is a space base. Someday Chongqing Grand Theatre will be honored throughout the world in the same way as the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow was honoured before the "renewal". Behind the theater is a Museum of Science and Technology, and popular with honeymooners as the background scenery for taking pictures Evangelical Church of Jiangbei.

Now a large-scale construction of the new prestigious area is going on around the theater.

The Grand Theatre in the last daylight.
From here one can clearly see how green waters of the Jialing are mixed with muddy water of the Yangtze.
Theatre and Chaotyanmen Bridge (朝天门 - Cháotiānmén) in harmony with each other.
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Development plan of the area.
At this sales center, those people who want to buy a luxury property are met by the specially trained man with a huge black umbrella, lest, God forbid, the sun's rays burn down the future owner.
And these are the builders of the prestigious area go for lunch in not the most prestigious dwellings. They kindly advised me where to go further.
The newlyweds want their wedding photos looked American or European-style.
I first thought about the Evangelical Church Jiangbei that it was a new building as it looks so good, but as it turned out, it is more than 100 years old, it is here since 1894.
Fishers are found in all embankments.
The Standing Committee of Chongqing People's Congress.
Hongjin Road (红锦大道 - Hóngjǐn dàdào).

Continuation :
Chongqing at night

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