Road between Fenghuang and Tongren

October 2011
I was tired of buses, and I did not want to drag around with luggage. Therefore, I got to Fenghuang and back in a taxi. About 60km (37miles) are between Fenghuang and Tongren. In 2011, all taxi drivers had the same fare – 160 yuans (800 roub. / $ 25). A female taxi driver who took me from Fenghuang, flatly refused to take me to the hotel in Tongren, and put me down at the entrance to the town square in front of the railway station. And immediately a local taxi driver started to honk to me. Coincidentally, it was the same driver that drove me to Fenghuang.

Somewhere in about 12 km from Fenghuang there is one more part of the South Great Wall of China.
Judging by the numerous sheds for production of gray brick along the road, they still continue to build it.
Somewhere midway between the cities on several hills such towers are seen.
Unfortunately, I have not found any information about what it is.

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