Chongqing, Nan'an District (南岸区 - Nán'ànqū)

October 2011
The name Nan'an - it is not "southern tranquility," as I first thought, but it is "southern shore" of the Yangtze.

Datianba Street (大田坝街 - Dàtiánbà Jiē).
Nanpingxi Street (南坪西路 - Nánpíngxilù) with the building of a pale reddish color.
Shopping center "Brilliance of Shanghai" (百联南岸上海城购物中心 - Bǎilián nán'àn shànghǎichéng gòuwù zhòngxīn).
Pedestrian Street Huigonglu (惠工路 - Huìgōnglù).
Nancheng avenue / South City (南城大道 - Nánchéng dàdào).
The sculptor correctly depicted the modern business Chinese.
But I look wider, this composition lacks hidden speakers. Once in 5 to 10 minutes a phone call should be heard and immediately after the voice should reply "wei" (喂 - wèi). And then the screamy Chinese speech should follow.
Precisely like this that I remembered those Chinese, speaking on telephone.
Every time that I heard cries in the street, it's someone called.
Jiangnan avenue / To the South from the River (江南大道 - Jiāngnán dàdào).
Soon the underground will come to Nan'an District.
Nanping bus stop (南坪站 - Nánpíngzhàn).
You just pass a quarter to the east, and buildings change dramatically.
This is not a street, it's a flyover. In the photo below it is clearly visible.
Multi-layered city.
Gold Sheraton Hotel. Room rates start from 920 yuan (4600 rub / $150).
Shangxin street (上新街 - Shàngxīn jiē) leading to the cableway.
This is the most interesting way to return to the city center.

* * *
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