The memorial to fallen Red Army soldiers

October 2011
On the western side of the mountain Fenghuangshan, located in the center of Zunyi, there is a memorial to fallen Red Army soldiers, which was built by the 50th anniversary of Long March. From the foot of the mountain, exactly to the north, a broad long staircase leads to the memorial. If you ascend it and walk a little to the left and into the interior of the memorial complex, you’ll come to the most interesting and revered by the Chinese here, a bronze sculpture of female paramedic, giving medication to the child.

Her name is Long Siquan (龙思泉 - Lóng Sīquán), during the Long March she came in Zunyi with the Red Army, but also helped and treated villagers. The civil war was going on. Returning after visits to the sick with typhoid farmers from one of the nearby villages, she was killed by the opposing party. Chinese believers call her the Bodhisattva of the Red Army.

The most expressive of 4 giant faces of the memorial.

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