Chongqing Metro

October 2011
It so happened that almost immediately after arrival I got on the subway. All subsequent days I actively used this best public transport to get around the city. The pace of construction of Chongqing subway is amazing: in 2005 the first line was opened, in October 2011 it is the third one. Of the three branches, only one is the usual underground subway, the other two are monorail lines, besides on the second branch short wagonages of 4 cars are running. Most of the lines of the monorail run on the ground, but there are underground sections as well. The main advantage of the new line 3 is that it comes to the Northern Railway Station of Chongqing.

They plan to build a few more lines and extend the existing ones. For example, the new line 3 will be extended to the north to the airport and to the south to the district of Nan'an. On the bridge Caiyuanba across the Yangtze there is a deck on which the trains will run, in the district itself active construction is also in progress.

Line 1 will be greatly extended to the west; Ciqikou can be reached by subway. Overpass and some portion of the station building have already been built.

Funny enough, but Google Maps showed only one subway line when I arrived, two lines when I left, though since my arrival there were already 3.

But what is not funny at all is that why no such scale subway construction is going on in Russia, not even in Moscow.

Subway station "North Railway Station".
Off the train immediately in the subway. It is very convenient.
The entrance to the subway from the exit of Northern Railway Station.
Inside the car on a new third line.
View from window of monorail.
The interchange between lines 2 and 3 at the station Niujiatou (牛家头 - Niújiātóu).
Lianglukou (两路口 - Liǎnglùkǒu).
Construction of the station Ciqikou.
Elevator for wheelchair users is not working.
Assistants at each entrance to the car.
Vending machine, selling tickets for the subway.
Daxigou station (大溪沟 - Dàxīgōu).
The monorail road in front of zoo.
Leonardo was my faithful companion. This advertisement met me in all the cities that I visited in each underground walkway, in every equipment store. The picture features the descent into the subway in Chongqing.
Each station has its own detailed map with the location of exits.
Construction of the subway in the district of Nan'an (南岸 - Nán'àn).
Chongqing has knock spots off Nanjing in a number of restrictive plates.
Shapingba station (沙坪坝 - Shāpíngbà).
Several times in the evening ticket selling machines did not work at different stations.
Yangjiaping station (杨家坪 - Yángjiāpíng).
Near the station Yangjiaping.

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